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Motion: Review of the Program Review Panel (PRP)

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Budget and Planning Committee
Motion: Review of the Program Review Panel (PRP)


In its third decade of successful operation the Program Review Panel (PRP) has seen relatively few changes in its charge and procedures. The most recent change in its operations was implemented just a few years ago and mainly addressed schedule changes. To bring PRP up-to-date and streamline its operations, and to make it even more productive in terms of adding relevant tasks to its charge, in addition to removing less meaningful procedures from its operation, the Boulder Faculty Assembly requests that the Provost institute a comprehensive review of the PRP.

From BFA Committee:
  Budget and Planning
Notice of Resolution to the Executive Committee:   February 11, 2002
Approved for forwarding to the BFA as a Notice of Motion: February 11, 2002
Changed to a motion via suspension of the rules: March 12, 2002
Approved by the BFA: March 12, 2002