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Motion: Administrator Appraisal Response Rates

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Administrator Appraisal Committee Motion:
Administrator Appraisal Response Rates



Whereas: The BFA Administrator Appraisal Committee has brought together faculty experts in research methods and workplace evaluation in order to create a constructive shared governance process of in-depth, performance-based feedback with major influence on administrators' actions and personnel decisions;

Whereas: The resulting reports become public record as part of the Provost's (or appropriate supervisor's) third- and fifth-year reviews of major administrators;

Whereas: The Committee's consensus is that a response rate of 60% or above is the minimum level needed for a review which is adequately representative;

Whereas: The Committee is working to insure that the minimum response rate is achieved in a variety of ways, including prompted random samples and specially targeted knowledgeable groups-the latter of which have previously responded at 70% or above-and a newly instituted $400 research award lottery for respondents to each administrator survey;

Be It Moved That:

The Boulder Faculty Assembly endorse the proposal from the Administrator Appraisal Committee that reports will be written and released for public record only when the response rate of faculty participants or targeted sample is 60% or higher.

From BFA Committee:
  Administrator Appraisal
Notice of Motion to Executive Committee:
  October 8, 2001
Approved for forwarding to the BFA:
  October 8, 2001
Notice of Motion to the BFA:
October 11, 2001
Approved by the BFA:
November 1, 2001


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