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How to contact department heads with comments on instructors

Instructions for students on how to contact school and college deans, department chairs, and program directors

Students may wish to contact the head of the academic unit offering a course to praise, criticize, complain, make suggestions for improvement, or make other comments. Comments on FCQ forms themselves will not necessarily be viewed by anyone except the instructor.

The head of the academic unit is generally the chair of the department in Arts and Sciences or Engineering, the dean of other schools or colleges, or a program director for courses in RAPs (Residential Academic Programs, such as Farrand or Sewell) and other special programs.

How to provide comments and contact academic unit heads:

  • Address your comments to chair, dean, director, or, if you don't know which, to head.
  • Find email addresses, locations, and phone numbers for academic units.
    • All schools, colleges, departments, and programs have websites, listed at Most websites list a contact email address and phone and campus location.
    • For school, college, department, and program telephone numbers see the departmental phone directory at
    • The paper University of Colorado Boulder Directory lists school, college, department, and program phone numbers and locations in its front section. It is available for sale at the CU Bookstore. It is not available online.

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