Academic & Employment Opportunities

Internship Opportunities Deadline
Bartlett Internships for Economics N/A
HUD–WHL Internship (8.16) N/A
Business, IT & Health Care Internships with Kaiser Permanente (10.15) N/A
StudySoup (12.16) N/A
Hawaii Farm Interships (4.17) N/A
Internships in Pacific Asia (4.17) N/A
Jewish Studies Internships for Course Credit (4.17) N/A
Fall 2017 Global Vanguard Program (6.17) July 28 2017
Job Opportunities  
The BuffTutor Network (9.16) N/A
Campus Ambassador for the Wildlife Conservation Society (9.16) N/A
Data Analyst at Wiland (4.17) N/A
Research Associate at Federal Reserve Bank of Kansans City (4.17) N/A
Economics Teaching Assistants for the Center for Talented Youth (4.17) N/A
Research Assistant at EPI (5.30) N/A
CU: Academic Skills Kit (ASK) Mentors (6.12) August 2017
AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellows Program (4.17) 15 Jan 2018
Academic Opportunities  
Colorado Data Science Team (12.16) NA
Eaton Travel Sabbaticals  
Eugene D. Eaton Jr. Travel Sabbaticals (2.17) 1 October 2017
Career Services Online, University of Colorado at Boulder  
Job Resource Center