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Ufuk Devrim DemirelUfuk Devrim Demirel
Assistant Professor and Seminar Series Director

Office: Econ 218A
Dept. Phone: 303.735.5500
Office hours


Macroeconomics • Monetary Economics • International Finance

Current Research Interests:
Monetary policy under financial market imperfections; optimal fiscal and monetary policies in small-open economies; real business cycles; political-economic determinants of macroeconomic policy

Short CV

PhD–Economics, University of Virginia
MA–Economics, University of Virginia
BA–in Economics (Advanced Track), Bilkent University

PhD, University of Virginia, 2006, is an assistant professor whose research interests are in macroeconomics, monetary economics and international finance. His current research is focused on optimal fiscal and monetary policies, monetary policy under capital market imperfections, real business cycles, political economy of macroeconomic policies and stabilization in emerging markets.