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Fields of Study    

Lee Alston

Lee Alston
• Economic History • Economic Development
• Political Economy • Environmental Economics • New Institutional Economics
Jules Kaplan Jules Kaplan
• Public Economics • Labor Economics
• Human Resources • Demography
Francisca Antman Francisca Antman
• Economic Development • Labor Economics
• Public Economics
Kaffine Daniel Kaffine
Environmental and Resource Economics • Energy Economics • Urban Economics
No Photo Available of Jin- Oleg Baranov
• Auction Theory • Microeconomics • Computational Economics
Wolfgang Keller Wolfgang Keller
• International Trade and Investment • Economic Development • Technological Change • Productivity • Economic History
Tania Barham Tania Barham
• Health Economics • Development Economics • Environmental Economics
No Photo Available of Jin-

Jin-Hyuk Kim
• Industrial Organization • Organization Economics • Political Economics

Martin Boileau Martin Boileau
• Corporate Finance • International Finance • Macroeconomics
Xiaodong Liu Xiaodong Liu
• Econometrics
Chrystie Burr
Chrystie Burr
•Environmental and Energy Economics • Industrial Organization • Public Economics
James Markusen James Markusen
• International Trade Theory • Multinational Corporations • Numerical GE Models
Brian Cadena Brian Cadena
• Labor Economics •Applied Econometrics • Public Economics
Carlos Martins-Filho Carlos Martins-Filho
• Econometrics • Statistics
Ann Carlos Ann Carlos
• Economic History • Development of Early Capital Markets • Economic History of Native Americans
Keith Maskus Keith Maskus
• International Trade and Finance • Development Economics • Innovation Economics
Yongmin Chen Yongmin Chen
• Industrial Organization • Microeconomics
Terra McKinnish Terra McKinnish
• Labor Economics • Economic Demography • Public Economics
Charles de Bartolomé Charles de Bartolomé
• Public Economics • Microeconomic Theory
Robert McNown Robert McNown
• Applied Econometrics
Nicholas Flores Nicholas Flores
• Environmental & Resource Economics
William Mertens William Mertens
• Public Choice Economics • International Trade
Philip Graves Philip Graves
• Urban/Regional Economics • Environmental Economics • Monetary Economics
Edward Morey Edward Morey
• Microeconomic Theory • Natural Resource Economics • Welfare Economics
Michael Greenwood Michael Greenwood
• Urban & Regional Economics • Economic Demography
Scott Savage Scott Savage
• Industrial Organization
Jonathan Hughes Jonathan Hughes
• Environmental Economics • Empirical Industrial Organization • Transportation and Energy Economics
Carol H. Shiue Carol H. Shiue
• Economic History • Economic Development
Murat Iyigun Murat Iyigun
• Economics of the Family • Economic Development and Growth • Political Economy • Cliometrics
Donald Waldman Donald Waldman
• Microeconometrics
William Kaempfer William Kaempfer
• International Political Economy
• Economic Theory
Jeffrey Zax Jeffrey Zax
• Labor Economics • Local Public Sector Economics • Urban Economics
Shuang Zhang
Economic Development • Health Economics • Labor Economics