Discussion Papers in Economics: 1994

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95-06 Gertler, Paul J. and Donald M. Waldman, "Why Are Not-For-Profit Nursing Homes More Costly?," May 1994.
94-05 Cronshaw, Mark B. and Thomas F. Rutherford, "(Even Impatient) Little Countries Can Win Tariff Wars," July 1994.
94-04 Balistreri, Edward J. and William H. Kaempfer, "Testing the Stolper-Samuelson Theorem: Factor Association of Canadian Labor," June 1994.
94-03 Lee, Byung-Joo, "A Separability Test for the Electricity Supply Industry," December 1993.
94-02 Lee, Byung-Joo, "Asymptotic Distribution of the Ullah-Type Specification Test Against the Nonparametric Alternative," May 1993.
94-01 de Bartolomé, Charles. A.M., "Adjustment Rates and the Second-Best Level of Government Spending."