Discussion Papers in Economics: 1992

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92-27 Kruse, Jamie Brown and David Hummels, "Gender Effects in Laboratory Public Goods Contribution: Do Individuals Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is?" February 1992.
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92-24 Robles, Barbara J., "Checking Regularity Conditions in Dynamic Factor Demand Models," December 1992.
92-23 Robles, Barbara J., "The Cost of Financing Production: A Dynamic Theory of the Firm Under Liquidity Constraints," September 1992.
92-22 Howe, Charles W., "Intergenerational Transfers and Economic Efficiency: New Paradigms and Old Prescriptions," January 1993.
92-21 Howe, Charles W., "Environmental Policy Lessons from the U.S. Experience for the European Community," December 1992.
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92-05 Felder, Stefan and Thomas F. Rutherford, "Unilateral CO2 Reductions and Carbon Leakage: The Consequences of International Trade in Oil and Basic Materials," undated.
92-04 Carlos, Ann M. and Frank D. Lewis, "Depletion in the Lands of the Hudson's Bay Company, 1700-1763," July 1992.
92-03 Lee, B.J., "Seemingly Unrelated Regression on the First Order Autoregressive Singular Equation System," August 1992.
92-02 Lee, B.J., "A Simultaneous Equation Estimation of a Semiparametric Single Index Model: A Single Equation Approach," April 1992.
92-01 Markusen, James R. and Edward R. Morey, "Noncooperative Equilibria in Regional Environmental Policies When Plant Locations Are Endogenous," March 1992. [Nancy Olewilder]