Discussion Papers in Economics: 2002

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02-20 Thacher, Jennifer, "Modeling and Estimating Preferences Over Treatment Programs for Depression," October 2002.
02-19 Wong, Eina Vivian, "Inequality and Pharmaceutical Drug Prices: An Empirical Exercise," October 2002.
02-18 Wong, Eina Vivian, "Inequality and Pharmaceutical Drug Prices: A Theoretical Exercise," October 2002.
02-17 Li, Changying and Keith E. Maskus, "Parallel Imports and Cost Reducing Research and Development," October 2002.
02-16 Li, Changying, "Product Innovation with Parallel Imports," October 2002.
02-15 Gauzshtein, Valeriy D. and Jeffrey S. Zax, "Do Households Vote With Their Feet?," October 2002.
02-14 Puttitanun, Thitima, "Intellectual Property Rights and Multinational Firms' Modes of Entry," October 2002.
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02-10 Graves, Philip E., "A Theoretical Model Predicting the WTA-WTP Disparity: Public Policy Implications," September 2002.
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02-08 An, Galina and Murat F. Iyigun, "Outsourcing Globally During the Product Life Cycle: A Theory and Some Evidence," July 2002.
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02-02 Boileau, Martin and Marc-Andre Letendre, "How much persistence should sticky-price models generate to match U.S. data?," February 2002.

Boileau, Martin and Marc-Andre Letendre, "Inventories, Sticky Prices, and the Propagation of Nominal Shock," January 2002.