Discussion Papers in Economics: 2000

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00-12 Nicholson, Michael, "Trademark Infringement and Endogenous Innovation," October 2000.
00-11 Nicholson, Michael, "Intellectual Property Protection, Internalization, and Technology Transfer," October 2000.
00-10 Mertens, William G. "Economic Sanctions in a Dictatorship Model," October 2000.
00-09 Paltsev, Sergey V., "The Kyoto Protocol: 'Hot Air' for Russia?," October 2000.
0008 de Bartolome, Charles A. M. and Stephen L. Ross, "Capitalization and Community Income Distributions," 2000.
00-07 Iyigun, Murat F., "Technology Life-Cycles and Endogenous Growth," August 2000.
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00-03 Flores, Nicholas E. and Jennifer Thacher, "Money, who needs it? Natural Resource Damage Assessment," April 2000.
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