Discussion Papers in Economics: 2013

13-01 Edward Kosack and Zachary Ward, "Who Crossed the Border? Self-Selection of Mexican Migrants in the Early 20th Century," August 2013.
13-02 Scott J. Savage and Donald M. Waldman, "The Value of Online Privacy," October 2013.
13-03 Unjung Whang, "Who Exports Better Quality Products to Smaller or More Distant Markets?", November 2013.
13-04 Unjung Whang, "Skilled-Labor Intensity Differences across Firms, Product Quality, and Wage Inequlity," November 2013.
13-05 Molly Podolefsky, "Tax Evasion and Subsidy Pass-Through under the Solar Investment Tax Credit," November 2013.
13-06 Jonathan E. Hughes and Molly Podolefsky, "Getting Green with Solar Subsidies: Evidence from the California Solar Initiative," November 2013.
13-07 Yuchen Shao, "Product Cycle Dynamics with Heterogenous Industries," November 2013.
13-09 Ross Knippenberg, "Orthogonalization of Categorical Data: How to Fix a Measurement Problem in Statistical Distance Metrics," November 2013.
13-10 Steven M. Smith, "Common Property Resources and New Entrants: Uncovering the Bias Effects of New Users," November 2013.
13-11 Jongheuk Kim, "Cyclicality of Optimal Stabilization Policy in Developing Countries under Frictions: Role of Imperfect Infrastructural Development," Novermber 2013
13-12 Sheena Murray, "Divorce Spillover Effects: The Effects of Marriage Market Participation on Future Divorce Rates," November 2013.
13-13 Yibei Liu, "The Evolution of the Global Value Chain: Theory and Evidence," November 2013.
13-14 Priti Kalsi, "Seeing is Believing - Can Increasing the Number of Female Leaders Reduce Sex Selection in Rural India?", November 2013.
13-15 Yongho Choi, "Nonhomothetic Preferences, Linder Effect, and FDI: Theory and Evidence from a Knowledge-Capital Approach," November 2013.
13-16 Priti Kalsi, "Long-Term Effects of Legalized Abortion on Female Education in Taiwan," October 2013.