Discussion Papers in Economics: 2012

12-01 Shatanjaya Dasgupta, "Son Preference and Gender Gaps in Child Nutrition: Does the Level of Female Autonomy Mattter?," February 2012; revised April 2012
12-02 Soojae Moon, "How Trade Restrictions Disperse:Policy Dynamics with Firm Selection," October 2012
12-03 Scott J. Savage, Donald M. Waldman, Scott Hiller, "Market Structire and Media Diversity," October 2012
12-04 Scott Hiller, "The Importance of Quality: How Music Festivals Achieved Commercial Success," October 2012
12-05 Scott Hiller, "Exclusive Dealing and Its Effects: The Impact of Large Music Festivals on Local Music Venues," October, 2012
12-06 Jieun Chang, "Multiproduct Firms, Product Bundling and Market Entry," October 2012
12-07 Catherine Massey, "Immigration Quotas and Immigrant Skill Comoposition: Evidence from the Pacific Northwest," October 2012
12-08 Luis Castro, Ben Li, Keith E. Maskus, Yiqing Xie, "Fixed Export Costs and Firm-Level Export Behavior," October 2012
12-09 Wooyoung Park, "Cointegrated Sectoral Productivities and Investment-Specific Technology in U.S. Business Cycles," October 2012; revised December 2012
12-10 ChrisMcMahan, "Theory and Evidence of Switching Costs in the Market for College Textbooks," October 2012; revised May 2013
12-11 Luis Castro, "Does Licensing Induce Technological Spillovers to Domestic Firms?" November 2012
12-12 Kyungsoo Oh, "Energy Use in US Manufacturing and Increased Imports from China," November 2012