Discussion Papers in Economics: 2007

07-13 Said Boakye, "Theory of Social Transformation, Political Transition and Economic Growth," July 2007 , updated: April 2008
07-12 Erik Johnson and Randall Walsh, "The Effect of Property Taxes on Location Decisions:
Evidence From the Market for Second Homes,
" November 2007
07-11 Erik Johnson, "Land Taxation in a Dualcentric City," October 2007
07-10 Namsuk Choi, "Accounting for Quality Differences in Human Capital and Foreign Direct Investment," November 2007
07-09 Stephen Billings, "Do Enterprise Zones Work? An analysis at the borders," November 2007
07-08 Stephen Billings, "Intrametropolitan Decentralization: overlapping jurisdictions and
efficient local public good provision,
" November 2007
07-07 Charles A. M. de Bartolomé, "An Experiment to Summarize the Principles of Microeconomics," November 2007
07-06 Michael Snipes, "Labor Market Decisions, Children's Health, and Divorce," October 2007
07-05 Eric T. Stuen, "Academic Knowledge Spillovers Re-examined: a Look at the Effect of Exogenous Federal Funding," October 2007
07-04 Christina Peters, "Does Access to Family Planning Services Improve Women’s Welfare? Evidence on Dowries and Intra- Household Bargaining in Bangladesh," October 2007
07-03 Said Boakye, "What Role Does Racial Integration Play in Economic Performance of the (United) States? An Empirical Investigation Using Panel Data Analysis," October 2007, updated: April 2008
07-02 Charles A.M. de Bartolome, "Why is Pigou sometimes Wrong? Explaining how Distortionary Taxation can Cause Public Spending to Exceed the Efficiency Level, " October 2007
07-01 Charles A.M. de Bartolome and Stephen L. Ross, "The Race to the Suburb: the Location of the Poor in a Metropolitan Area," September 2007.