Discussion Papers in Economics: 2003

03-20 Galina An and Murat F. Iyigun, "The Export Skill Content, Learning By Exporting and Economic Growth" November 2003.
03-19 Luky Alfirman, "Estimating Stochastic Frontier Tax Potential: Can Indonesian Local Governments Increase Tax Revenues Under Decentralization?" November 2003.
03-18 Terra McKinnish, "Sexually-Integrated Workplaces and Divorce: Another Form of On-the-Job Search" November 2003.
03-17 Kazuhiko Yokota, "Productivity Spillovers and Economic Growth -- Was East Asia Unique?" November 2003.
03-16 Yin He, "Vertical Foreign Direct Investment, Knowledge Spillovers and the Global Growth: A Q-theory Approach," November 2003.
03-15 Jirawat Panpiemras, "International Joint Ventures under Imperfect Protection of Intellectual Property Rights and Asymmetric Information," November 2003.
03-14 Kazuhiko Yokota, "Vertical Multinationals, Industry Characteristics, and Endogenous Technology Spillover," November 2003.
03-13 Collin Starkweather, "Modeling Network Externalities, Network Effects, and Product Compatibility with Logit Demand," November 2003. (Revision of Working Paper 03-06).
03-12 Derek K. Kellenberg, "U.S. Affiliates, Infrastructure and Growth: A Simultaneous Investigation of Critical Mass," October 2003.
03-11 Derek K. Kellenberg, "The Provision of Public Inputs and Foreign Direct Investment," October 2003.
03-10 Collin Starkweather, "Mergers and Acquisitions in Network Industries," November 2003. (Revision of Working Paper 03-07).
03-09 Anna Rubinchik-Pessach, "Can Decentralization Be Beneficial?" October 2003.
03-08 Martin Boileau and Michel Normandin, "Dynamics of the Current Account and Interest Differentials," October 2003.
03-07 This working paper has been updated. Please refer to Working Paper 03-10.
03-06 This working paper has been updated. Please refer to Working Paper 03-13.
03-05 Hsiao, Frank S.T., Mei-chu W. Hsiao, and Akio Yamashita, "The Impact of the US Economy on the Asia-Pacific Region: Does It Matter," April 2003.
03-04 Carlos, Ann and Larry Neal, "Market Participants in the Aftermath of the South Sea Bubble: An Examination of the Stockholders in the Bank of England, 1720 and 1725," February 2003.
03-03 Rubinchik-Pessach, Anna and Roberto M. Samaniego," Anarchy and Demand for the State in a Trade Environment," January 2003.
03-02 Park, Changsuh and Taegi Kim, "R&D, Trade, and Productivity Growth in Korean Manufacturing," January 2003.
03-01 Iyigun, Murat F. and Randall P. Walsh, "The Collective Household Model with Competing Pre-Marital Investments," January 2003.