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Murat Iyigun on Research on Religion Podcast
July 26th, 2015: Murat Iyigun on Monotheism, Conflict, Europe, the Ottomans, and the Blues
"Did the Ottoman Caliphate have any impact on Europe's socio-political and economic development? While we often examine Europe's late medieval history in isolation from other world events, Prof. Murat Iyigun (University of Colorado) argues that the Ottoman Empire's advances into southeast Europe affected the religious, political, and economic history of Europe in very interesting ways. We also look at the ability of monotheism to guarantee longer and more expansive sociopolitical control, and the influence of mothers on the military policy of Ottoman sultans. At the end of the podcast, we have a special treat — an original "arabesque blues" song, Muqarnas, written and performed by Murat!"

Read more and listen or download the podcast.

Spring 2015 Department Ceremony
The spring department commencement ceremony was Friday, May 8, 2015 from 4:30–4 p.m. in the Glenn Miller Ballroom, University Memorial Center with the commencement address by Amanda Thomas. See the slideshow for pictures.

Professor Murat Iyigun to be
Co-editor of New Journal
Cambridge Press is launching the Journal of Demographics & Economics in 2015 described as, "Demographic variables such as fertility, mortality, migration and family structures notably respond to economic incentives and in turn affect the economic development of societies. Journal of Demographic Economics welcomes both empirical and theoretical papers on issues relevant to Demographic Economics with a preference for combining abstract economic or demographic models together with data to highlight major mechanisms." The editors for this new journal will be Murat Iyigun, and David de la Croix, Université de Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.

CU Environmental and Resource Economics Workshop
The 15th Annual CU Environmental and Resource Economics Workshop was October 4–5, 2013 at the Lion Square Lodge in Vail, Colorado and was hosted by Nicholas Flores, CU Department of Economics. The workshop provided researchers the opportunity to share their research results and/or ideas in a relaxed, workshop environment. Ample time was allocated for discussion, allowing researchers to get feedback from other workshop participants. Work presented ranged from proposed research to highly polished and completed projects. Graduate students were especially encouraged to participate.

Social Sciences Today Forum
A Social Sciences Today Forum, Immigration: Bridges or Walls? was organized by Ann Carlos, Professor of economics and Associate Dean, College Arts and Sciences, and featuring Brian Cadena, Assistant Professor of Economics, Jennifer Fitzgerald, Associate Professor of Political Science, Christina Sue, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Katie Oliviero, American Council of Learned Societies, new faculty fellow and visiting Assistant Professor of Women and Gender Studies. Each panelist spoke about immigration for about 10 minutes and then answered questions. Tuesday, October 8 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. in Hellems 150.

Fall 2012 Midwest
Macroeconomics Meetings
The Fall 2012 Midwest Macroeconomics Meetings was held November 9–11, 2012 at the Millennium Hotel Harvest House in Boulder, Colorado. They were hosted by the Department of Economics at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Keith MaskusKeith Maskus: Named College of Arts and Sciences Professor of Distinction, 2012.
The honorific title College Professor of Distinction is reserved for scholars and artists of national and international distinction who are also recognized by their College peers as teachers and colleagues of exceptional talent.

Two new University of Colorado at Boulder professors have been named College Professor of Distinction in 2012 by the College of Arts and Sciences in recognition of their exceptional service, teaching and research or creative work.

The professors will hold the title during the remainder of their careers in CU-Boulder's College of Arts and Sciences.








Yongmin ChenYongmin Chen: One of Two New Managing Editors at IJIO
From the Elsevier Journal website: The IJIO and Elsevier are very pleased to announce that Yongmin Chen and Pierre Dubois will be the new managing editors of the IJIO beginning on January 1, 2013, replacing Bernard Caillaud and Neil Gandal. Both Pierre and Yongmin are outstanding scholars, and the journal will be in excellent hands with Justine, Pierre, and Yongmin at the helm. Read the entire announcement here.

Faculty in Focus

Ann CarlosCongratulations to
Professor Ann Carlos

At the Economic History Association annual meeting held in September 2011, the Association awarded the highly prestigious Jonathan Hughes Prize to Professor Ann Carlos.

The annual Jonathan Hughes Prize is awarded to recognize excellence in teaching economic history. Jonathan Hughes was an outstanding scholar and a committed and influential teacher of economic history. The winner is selected by the EHA Committee on Education and Teaching.









Nicholas FloresNicholas Flores was invited to serve as a member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Science Advisory Board. He serves on the Environmental Economics Advisory Committee and his term runs from Oct. 15, 2009 through Sept. 30, 2012. As a member he will work as a special government employee and be asked to provide independent expert advice on technical issues underlying EPA policies and decision-making.

Koch Fellowship Program
in Public Policy
The Koch Fellowship Program in Public Policy, funded by the Koch Charitable Foundation, gave students from a variety of disciplines the opportunity to conduct research on public policy issues. A major goal of the Fellowship Program is to help prepare students for their post graduation careers. Funding was also available to support participation in conferences and seminars, and publish their research work. The fellowship Program was directed by Professor Barry W. Poulson and assisted by Professor Robert McNown. The Koch Fellows for this past academic year were as follows: Katherine Krauland, Nate Neligh, Steven Mark Seguin, Lydia Van Vleet, and Susanna Wang.

Featured and Profiled Alumni
Alumna Kathleen Cooper (PhD '80) Elected Chair of NBER Board of Directors
From The NBER Reporter 2011 Number 4: Kathleen B. Cooper was elected Chair of the NBER's Board of Directors at its September 19 meeting. She succeeds John S. Clarkeson, the former Chairman of the Boston Consulting Group. Cooper, the previous Vice-Chair of the NBER Board, is a senior fellow of the Tower Center for Political Studies at Southern Methodist University. She served as Undersecretary for Economic Affairs of the U.S. Department of Commerce from 2001-5, and was previously Chief Economist at Exxon Mobil. Cooper was first elected to the NBER's Board of Directors in 1987.

TeachAIDS founder Piya Sorcar recognized as top innovator
Piya Sorcar (Bus, Econ, Jour '01) has received a major award for her work on TeachAIDS, a nonprofit startup she founded out of Stanford, which has created new technology to address numerous persistent problems with HIV education around the world. Read more at the CU-Boulder Alumni Association.


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