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Borrower's Agreement

Woodblock Prints Borrower's Agreement

Woodblock Prints Lesson Suggestion

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Catherine Ishida (303.735.5115)





Japan Resource Center

  • Collections
  • Artifact Trunks
  • Woodblock Prints

Japan Studies Collections

The Japan Resource Center offers one of the largest collections of K-12 teaching materials in the United States. Over 3,500 items in our collection include:

  • Three artifact trunks, each containing 30-100 objects for students exploration
  • Over 200 videos, including many with guides for classroom use
  • A collection of kamishibai (Japanese children's story boards)
  • Japanese language materials, including a Japanese language kit for primary grades
  • Elementary and secondary units on Japan developed by national Japan studies outreach programs and by school districts
  • An extensive collection of Japanese folk tales and children's literature
  • Japanese history and literature resources for secondary grades
  • A professional library of scholarly books for teacher research
  • A selection of full-length Japanese movies on such topics as family, society, and children
  • A collection of 30 late-Edo period (1800-1850s) woodblock prints for instructional use to educators at all levels

Materials in TEA's collection are available on free loan to Colorado educators who can pick up and return materials to the TEA offices. Audiovisual materials require a refundable damage deposit of $35. Artifact trunks are available for a small rental fee and refundable damage deposit. The project ships loan materials to teachers in other states through special arrangement. If you wish to borrow materials or rent a trunk, please contact Catherine Ishida, read our lending policies, and fill out a Borrower's Agreement.

Japanese Artifact Trunks

artifact trunks artifact trunks artifact trunks

Three Japan artifact trunks are available to educators for a one-week rental. Each trunk contains between 30 and 100 articles that enable students to gain a first-hand experience of Japanese culture. The trunks come with a set of recommended teaching ideas to help students analyze, hypothesize, compare, and contrast Japanese/American life. The trunk themes include:

  • Traditional Clothing
  • The Pacific War (secondary)
  • Elementary School Life

Email Catherine Ishida to learn more. To borrow an artifact trunk, send a signed Borrower's Agreement and two separate checks payable to the University of Colorado Foundation: $15 for rental, $50 for refundable damage deposit.

Woodblock Prints

Donated to TEA by Utagawa Monjinkai and the Japan Society of New York, this collection of 30 prints and accompanying lesson suggestions offer teachers the opportunity to engage their students in first-hand study of this great Japanese artistic tradition. Prints, in the ukiyo (floating world) style, depict everyday life and pasttimes of early nineteenth-century Japan's prosperous urban dwellers. Prints are not framed, and borrowers must agree to standards of care when using the art with students.

Sample Prints

woodblock print 1 woodblock print 2 woodblock print 3 woodblock print 4 woodblock print 5 woodblock print 6

Lesson Suggestion

Woodblock Prints Borrower's Agreement

To reserve the collection for classroom use in Colorado, call or email Catherine Ishida at 303.735.5115.