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  • Overview
  • Summer 2015 Program

The University of Colorado Program for Teaching East Asia, in collaboration with CU's Anderson Language and Technology Center (ALTEC), has offered STARTALK summer workshops for Chinese language teachers from across the United States since 2010.










TEA STARTALK programs for Summer 2015 are pending funding. Please check back in February 2015 for more information.

Past STARTALK programs at TEA: Summer 2014

Chinese Language Instruction in the Digital Age: A STARTALK Program on Incorporating Learner-Centered Technology Tools in the Chinese Language Curriculum

The University of Colorado’s Program for Teaching East Asia, in collaboration with the CU’s Anderson Language and Technology Center, hosted a STARTALK program for Chinese language teachers to provide them with a thorough understanding of and practical experience with implementing effective learning technologies appropriate for the middle and high school Chinese language classroom. Based on the premise that the sustainability of both a program and its teachers increasingly depends on the teachers possessing skills and behaviors of a digital-age professional, this STARTALK program introduced the theory, standards, frameworks, knowledge, and practice necessary for incorporating into the curriculum, with comfort and ease, a range of learner-centered technology tools. Program participants worked with language technology specialists, experienced Chinese language curriculum designers, and master teachers from successful language programs to gain a clear understanding of and competency in a variety of technologies around which they can create effective and engaging lessons.

For information about Summer 2015 program, contact Jon Zeljo at or 303-735-5128.