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Colorado Teachers - Register for April 16 Workshop: China's Millennials & Other Authentic Voices

Apply Now! 2016 Summer Institutes.

-Korea's Journey into the 21st Century: Historical Contexts, Contemporary Issues, July 24-28, 2016.

For Chinese teachers. STARTALK: Chinese Language Instruction in the Digital Age, June 22-July 1, 2016.

New project at TEA. TEA receives funding from US-Japan Foundation for "Olympic Opportunity: Re-prioritizing Japan in the Classroom."

Curriculum Units at TEA

> NEW! Becoming Modern: Early 20th
Century Japan through Primary Sources

>Elementary Curriculum on Japan

> NEH Visualizing Cultures curriculum

> Imaging Japanese History Online        Curriculum

> Link to CAS K-12 Curriculum on Japanese Poet Basho


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Welcome to the Program for Teaching East Asia

The Program for Teaching East Asia (TEA) at the Center for Asian Studies conducts national, regional, and state projects designed to enhance and expand teaching and learning about East Asia at the elementary and secondary school levels. Specific projects focus on curriculum development, professional development for teachers, and curriculum consultation and reform related to Asia in K-12 education.

TEA staff includes research faculty with expertise in Asian studies and K-12 education, graduate research assistants, and an undergraduate intern staff. TEA is housed at the University of Colorado at Boulder's Center for Asian Studies. Program for Teaching East Asia projects are currently supported by generous grants from the Freeman Foundation, STARTALK, the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership, the United States-Japan Foundation, and the Korea Foundation.


















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