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Deliberation, Democracy, and the Media
    edited by Simone Chambers and Anne Costain

Is deliberative democracy the ideal goal of free speech? How do social movement organizations, activists, and political candidates use the media to frame their discourse? What responsibilities do the media have in maintaining or promoting democracy? In this broadly interdisciplinary volume, top scholars in communication, political science, sociology, law, and philosophy offer new perspectives on these and other intersections within democratic discourse and media. Interweaving elements of social, political, and communication theory, they take on First Amendment and legal issues, privacy rights, media effects and agenda setting, publicity, multiculturalism, gender issues, universalism and global culture, and the rhetoric of the body, among other topics. This unique book provides a foundation for evaluating the current state of democratic discourse and will be of interest to students and scholars of deliberative democracy across the social sciences.



Introduction, Simone Chambers and Anne Costain


Part I: Democratic Deliberation
Free Speech, Democratic Deliberation, and Valuing Types of Speech, James W. Nickel

Promoting Informed Deliberation and a First Amendment Doctrine for a Digital Age: Toward a New Regulatory Regime for Broadcast Regulation, Phil Weiser


Part II: Deliberative Equality and the Media
Multicultural Democracy, Alison M. Jaggar

The Division of Labor in Democratic Discourse: Media, Experts, and Deliberative Democracy, James Bohman

The Means of Communication and the Discourse on Sovereignty, Andrew Calabrese

Part III: News Reporting and Coverage
The Unheralded Functions of Campaign News, Roderick P. Hart

Media Effects: Paradigms for the Analysis of Local Television News, Shanto Iyengar


Part IV: Media Representation of Social Movements
Movement Strategy and Dramaturgic Framing in Democratic States: The Case of the American Civil Rights Movement, Doug McAdam

Body Rhetoric: Conflicted Reporting of Bodies in Pain, Gerard A. Hauser

Media Portrayal of "Second Wave" Feminist Groups, Anne Costain and Heather Fraizer


Part V: Culture and Rhetoric

The Banality of Evil, The Evil of Banality, Mark Kingwell

A Culture of Publicity, Simone Chambers

Contributors:  James Bohman, Andrew Calabrese, Simone Chambers, Anne Costain,Heather Fraizer, Roderick P. Hart, Gerard A. Hauser, Shanto Iyengar, Alison M. Jaggar, Mark Kingwell, Doug McAdam, James W. Nickel, Phil Weiser.

Simone Chambers is associate professor of political science at the University
of Colorado. Anne Costain is professor of political science, director of the Keller Center for the Study of the First Amendment, and associate dean for social sciences at the University of Colorado.

Critical Media Studies Series
Andrew Calabrese, Series Editor


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