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Occasions Online is a collection of prize-winning works written by students in the Program of Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) classes. For over a decade, the PWR (formerly UWRP) has honored strong student writing with their print edition of Occasions, and Occasions Online continues in that tradition.

Occasions 2013

Lower-Division Prize Winners
  • Michael Yang, Argument Category, 1st Place Winner
    "Pursing Preventative Medical Care"
  • Morgan Geiger, Argument Category, 2nd Place Winner
    "Fighting The Flightline: The AMA's Problematic View on Physician-Assisted Suicide"
  • Tessa Zangara, Inquiry Category, 1st Place Winner
    "Stand Your Ground Law: Self-Defense or Justifiable Murder?"
  • Kathryn Thellman, Inquiry Category, 2nd Place Winner
    "Do you know what you are eating?"
  • Lindsay Gucker, Narrative Category
    "Sacred Suenos"
Upper-Division Prize Winners
  • Anne Ahrendsen, Business Writing Prize
    "Human Rights in Chinese Supply Factories"
  • Kelsey Harbert, Diversity Writing Award
    "Child Soldiers: More Than Meets The Eye"
  • Zachary Foster, Upper-Division Arts & Sciences Prize, 1st Place Tie
    "A Pillar of Salt (I'm Gay)"
  • Karina White, Upper-Division Arts & Sciences Prize, 1st Place Tie
    "Jessica Backhaus: Beauty in Transience"
  • Nicole Look, Mackison Prize
    "A Nonlinear Dynamical Analysis of Asymmetries in Runners with Unilateral Transtibial Amputations"

Occasions 2012

Lower-Division Prize Winners
  • Raven Emmons, Personal Narrative Category
    "The Tick-Tick Engine"
  • Gookjin Jeong, Inquiry Category
    "The 1997 Asian Financial Crisis: An Investigation into the Economic Impacts on South Korea and Its Policy Responses"
  • Tess Lauricella, Analysis Category
    "Woolf's Gender Portrayal"
  • Alexandra Olivo, Argument Category
    "99 Problems for Danger Mouse: A Helter Skelter Moment in Music History"
Upper-Division Prize Winners
  • Richard Bohm, Business Writing Prize
    "A Responsible Look at Economists in the Finance Industry"
  • Alexandra Evans, Diversity Writing Award
    "Makeshift Patriot"
  • Breanna Hinricks, Upper-Division Arts & Sciences Prize
    "Murder, Abuse, and Morality in Trifles"
  • Nicole Look, Mackison Prize
    "A Nonlinear Dynamical Analysis of Asymmetries in Runners with Unilateral Transtibial Amputations"
  • Amy MacNair, Upper-Division Creative Nonfiction Prize

Occasions 2011

Lower-Division Prize Winners
  • Kara Bongiovanni, Argument Category
    "Hanging in the Balance: The Future of Manned Spaceflight"
  • Anna Jensen, Personal Narrative Category
    "Liberty and Loss"
  • Zach Siegel, Inquiry Category
    "Modern Iran: An Examination of the Foundations of Hostile Foreign Policy"
  • Rachel Stuckey, Analysis Category
    "Correcting Misrepresentation: On Progressive Representations of Childhood in Female and Queer-Authored Avant-Garde Cinema "
Upper-Division Prize Winners
  • Wade Holland, Business Writing Prize
    "Biomimicry: The Answers May Be Right in Front of Us"
  • Ian Milligan, Mackison Prize
    "Preventing Drug-Resistant Bacteria Through the Regulation of Antibiotic Use in Agriculture"
  • Djavan Nascimento, Upper-Division Creative Nonfiction Prize
    "Cold Felt and a Warm Autumn Night"
  • Kasey Schelling, Diversity Writing Award
    "Tuition Equity for Undocumented Immigrants in Colorado"
  • Amara Seng, Upper-Division Arts & Sciences Prize
    "From Hand to Hoof: Antibiotic Use in Livestock and Antibiotic Resistance in Humans"

Occasions 2010

Lower-Division Prize Winners
  • Sara Falk-Mann, Analysis Category
    "Dove Devolution"
  • Kelsey Lindsey, Argument Category
    "Harry Potter and Christianity: Treacherous Duo or Surprising Partners?"
  • Amanda Lubeck, Analysis Category, Second
    "Teen Pregnancy in Hollywood: Nine Months of Deception"
  • Mariana Rodriguez, Personal Narrative Category
    "Blonde is a Primary Color"
  • Samantha Wellington, Inquiry Category
    "Deinstitutionalization and the Current State of Mental Health Care"
Uppder-Division Prize Winners
  • Peter Bowlin, Mackison Prize
    "Computer Engineering Major"
  • Tyler Dodge, Business Writing Prize
    "A New Green GM: How to Sell Cars Again"
  • Brian Sheldon, Upper-Division Arts & Sciences Prize
    "The Nature of Redemption and the Limits of Pessimism in King Lear "