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Meet Our People


Name What We Do Contact
Linda Nicita, Ph.D. Program Administrator With 23 years of experience at CU and previous experience as a Lecturer and an Instructor in the Program for Writing and Rhetoric, Linda seamlessly administrates over 80 faculty members, 285 classes a semester, and offices in 5 buildings at CU Boulder. Since 2007 she has been, undoubtedly, the driving force of the PWR and is essential to its success. ENVD 1B70
(303) 735-5464
Tomas Mendez Administrative Assistant II Among many other duties, Tommy provides technical support to faculty and staff while maintaining good cheer and a zen attitude in the office. He masterfully organizes events, quarterbacks survey administration, and ensures constant communication between faculty, staff, and students.

(303) 492-8188
Melynda SlaughterAdministrative Assistant III Melynda performs office managerial duties to support the Program. Such support includes managing its security operations and technology to ensure effective delivery of program services. She works closely with faculty, staff and students to resolve problems, answer questions, provide information and advise on technical and administrative issues. Additionally, Melynda advises the Program Administrator, analyzes budgetary needs and recommends solutions. 1B60
(303) 735-6906
Annette Mitchell Writing Center Manager
Administrative Assistant III
Annette is the first person writers meet when they enter the Writing Center to ask about services, make appointments, or get help with the scheduling software. As the Writing Center Office Manager, Annette coordinates day-to-day scheduling at Norlin and satellite locations around campus. She ensures that consultants and writers have what they need for successful meetings—about 4000 annually. Annette is also responsible for compiling and formatting data to facilitate reporting and assessment needs of the Writing Center and PWR.

Norlin E111
(303) 735-6906
Kathy InkhamfongStudent Assistant II, Writing Center Kathy is a senior majoring in Integrative Physiology and enjoys being a member of the CU Hiking Club. As a born leader, she's also a member of the CU Gold Core Leadership Program. Before she becomes a leader in the medical field, she's currently assisting Annette in the Writing Center. Norlin E111
(303) 735-6906


Name What We Do Contact
John-Michael Rivera, Ph.D.Director John-Michael Rivera is an award winning writer of both scholarly and creative writing. In addition to working as the Director of the Program, he currently works on theories of On-Line Writing, Latino Studies, Creative Nonfiction, Archival and Information Studies, New Media Studies, and Digital and Intermedia Compositions. ENVD 1B65
(303) 735-5654
John Ackerman, Ph.D.Associate Director of Residential Academic Programs & Sustainability Dr. Ackerman is a leading scholar in the areas of civic life, rhetoric in everyday, and collective memory studies. For the PWR he provides administrative leadership across program initiatives, including personnel (recruitment, retention, and reappointment), budgets, curriculum and campus and community planning. He develops programs and curricula devoted to sustainability and resiliency.

(303) 492-8015
Steve Lamos, Ph.D. Associate Director for Personnel, WAC, and Graduate Studies Dr. Lamos continues his direction of the Writing Center, working with Associate Director Eric Klinger for the Center, including writing-across-the- curriculum workshops as well as liaison work with the graduate school, first-year writing in the PWR, Residential Academic Programs, and the professional schools. Dr. Lamos provides tenure-track faculty leadership in all personnel issues for the program, including guidelines for merit, re-appointment, salary equity and related issues. He facilitates a regional and statewide discussion of the status of contingent faculty at UCB in pursuit of consistent standards and disciplinary affiliation.

STAD 266 C
(303) 735-5693
Rolf Norgaard, Ph.D. Associate Director for Assessment, Upper-Division Curriculum, and CCHE Dr. Norgaard is responsible for:
  • Assessment initiatives in the PWR, including the NSSE/WPA survey, course and syllabi review, and membership on the campus-wide Assessment Oversight Committee.
  • Curricular design at the upper-division, including participating in the establishment of a standing Curriculum Committee to develop and oversee all WRTG curriculum in collaboration with the Director, other Associate Directors and Coordinators.
  • Faculty policy, including but not limited to work on implementing, in the PWR and campus-wide, the BFA recommendations on instructors.
  • Liaising with the College of Engineering for purposes of ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) review.

(303) 492-3605
Lonni Pearce, Ph.D. Associate Director for First-Year Writing Dr. Pearce is responsible for oversight of all first-year writing courses including curriculum and assessment and providing pedagogical resources for faculty. In addition, she works with the Library, RAPs, and Student Affairs on programmatic and policy issues related to first-year writing and the first-year experience.

(303) 492-4478
Veronica House, Ph.D. Associate Director for Service Learning and Outreach Dr. House is responsible for directing the Writing Initiative for Service and Engagement (WISE) as well as setting the direction for and helping to write curriculum for community-engaged and public writing in the PWR, including building digital humanities curriculum into current civic engagement goals. In addition, Dr. House serves as the PWR liaison to the IECE as well as to Office of the Vice Chancellor for Outreach and Engagement, and she coordinates all city and county “community partner” contacts with the PWR. In AY 2013-14, she will spearhead the PWR’s preparations to host the first national Conference on Civic, Public, and Community Writing.

(303) 735-4774
Eric Klinger, MA Associate Director for the Writing Center, Peer Tutoring Eric Klinger directs operations for the CU-Boulder Writing Center housed in Norlin Library with satellite locations across campus. This popular academic support service provides over 4000 annual contact hours for CU students, faculty, and alumni. He is responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, mentoring, and assessing a staff of 20-30 writing consultants comprising adjunct faculty, graduate teaching assistants and undergraduate peer tutors. Eric guides the Writing Center’s pedagogical development and resources in consultation with CU faculty and administrators. In recent years, he has overseen the development of the Graduate Writing Support (GWS) and the Peer Writing Tutors programs. Eric is currently working with the Residential Academic Programs (RAPs) to create Writers’ Lounges that will expand access to writing support for first-year and international students. Eric is a member of the International Writing Centers Association and presents at regional and international conferences. LIBR E111
(303) 492-1690
Kathryn Pieplow, J.D.Associate Director for Faculty Development & Curricular Oversight Ms. Pieplow is responsible for oversight of all professional development plans and activities for faculty at all ranks including, but not limited to, new faculty/lecturer training and syllabus review Ms. Pieplow offers workshops, as necessary, throughout the semester and oversees mentoring assignments. In addition, Ms. Pieplow schedules the PWR's "black bag" seminars, coordinates training with the various initiatives, and spearheads the re-design of the PWR faculty resources website.

(303) 735-4679
Michelle Albert, MA, MFA Coordinator for Information Literacy, Norlin Research Ms. Albert is responsible for how PWR collaborates with Norlin Library to develop "information literacy" as a theme and practice across the PWR curriculum. She coordinates all necessary workshops for faculty, advises on related information on PWR websites, and works closely with the First-Year committee to evaluate how to best deliver "information literacy" to first-year students. Her project this year is to extend advanced "information literacy" to upper-division students.

(303) 735-4385
Andrea Feldman, Ph.D.Coordinator for English as a Second Language Writers Andrea Feldman initiated and coordinates the Program for Writing and Rhetoric's ESL program in first-year writing and in scientific and professional writing. She holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Linguistics, specializing in Language Acquisition. In her role as Coordinator, Andrea liaises with the Office of International Education and other departments on campus as well as in the PWR. She conducts workshops for faculty, developing resources that complement our curricular needs, and supports the teaching activities of the ESL instructors.

TB01 RM 204
(303) 492-6011
Rebecca Dickson, Ph.D.Coordinator for Conflict Resolution Dr. Dickson hears and resolves all disagreements and complaints between faculty and students in PWR classes with regard to consistency in teaching and evaluation as well as FERPA compliance. ENVD 1B76
(303) 735-4908
Petger Schaberg, MA Coordinator for Writing Technology, Digital Learning Mr. Schaberg is responsible for assessing where, how, and with what cost the PWR adopts the tenets of Digital Learning. In this role, Mr. Schaberg evaluates faculty skill levels vis a vis national standards and precedents for teaching writing and rhetoric through digital technology. He also liaises with the 'digital humanities initiative,' ASSETT, and other initiatives on campus and elsewhere.

TB01 RM 4A
(303) 735-4673
Paula Wenger, MA Coordinator for Upper-Division and Professional Writing Ms. Wenger is responsible for coordinating all upper-division courses, including compliance with CCHE criteria and requisite faculty development, student awards, and new course proposals. In addition, she liaises with the professional schools that support the upper division and keeps PWR courses current in the area of technical and professional writing.

(303) 735-6791
Merrit Dukehart, Ph.D.Continuing Education Liaison Dr. Dukehart is responsible for Continuing Education courses offered by the Program for Writing and Rhetoric. She is the direct liaison to the CE office for our roster faculty who teach CE courses. ENVD 1B80
(303) 735-4772


Name What We Teach Contact
Mary Angeline, Ph.D. Lecturer WRTG 1150, WRTG 3040
STAD 260-A
Gloria Adamson,MA Lecturer WRTG 1150
STAD 260 B
Harry Archer, MA GPTI WRTG 1150
Sharon Beck, MALecturer WRTG 1250, WRTG 3007
(303) 735-4789
Kelly Bradbury, Ph.D.Lecturer WRTG 3020
TB01 RM 208
Matthew Bradney, MA GPTI WRTG 1150
Eric Burger, Ph.D.Instructor WRTG 1150, WRTG 3040
STAD 266 E
(303) 492-7280
Sigman Byrd, Ph.D.Instructor WRTG 1250, WRTG 3040
TB01 RM 4
(303) 492-4764
Jennifer Campbell, MALecturer WRTG 1100 (ESL sections)
Kelsey Cody, MSGPTI WRTG 1150 ENVD 1B50-A
(303) 735-4793
Dawn Colley, Ph.D. Lecturer WRTG 3020, WRTG 1150
(303) 735-6473
Jennifer Cullison, MA in History, MA in Religious Studies GPTI WRTG 1150,WRTG 3020
Rebecca Dickson, Ph.D.Senior Instructor WRTG 3030 ENVD 1B76
(303) 735-4908
Lisa Donovan, Ph.D.Lecturer WRTG 3020 ENVD 1B50G
Damian Doyle, Ph.D.Senior Instructor WRTG 1250, WRTG 3020 TB01 3
(303) 735-2861
Steve Duman, MAGPTI WRTG 1150 ENVD 1B62C
Douglas Dupler, MALecturer WRTG 3030 GRDV C1B70
(303) 492-8634
Christina Eisert, MALecturer WRTG 3030 GRDV C110-A
(303) 735-4512
Jay Ellis, Ph.D.Senior Instructor WRTG 2090 - "Journal Twenty Twenty," WRTG 1150 TB01 Rm 206
(303) 492-0663
Maryanne Fantalis, JDLecturer WRTG 1150, WRTG 1250
Tracy Ferrell, Ph.D.Senior Instructor WRTG 1150,WRTG 3020 GRDV C185
(303) 492-3515
Alexander Fobes, Ph.D.Instructor WRTG 1150 ENVD 1B50H
(303) 735-6465
Justin Gautreau, Ph.D.Lecturer WRTG 3020, WRTG 1150 (ESL sections) ENVD 1B27-F
Gail Georgeson, J.D., MALecturer WRTG 3020,WRTG 1150 (ESL sections) ENVD 1B27-E
(303) 735-4661
Amy Goodloe, MA, MEdInstructor WRTG 3020, WRTG 3090 GRDV C153
(303) 492-1298
Sally Green, MA, R.S.A. Dip.Senior Instructor WRTG 3020, WRTG 3030 STAD 266 B
(303) 492-7290
Laurie Gries,Ph.D.Assistant Professor WRTG 3020 ENVD 1B63
Orin Hargraves, BA Lecturer WRTG 3030
Rachel Rocha, Ph.D. Lecturer WRTG 1150,WRTG 3020
Orly Hersh, MAInstructor WRTG 1150 (COMM RAP) BUCK S120, TB01 Rm 208
(303) 492-2171, (303) 492-2903
Matthew Henningson,Ph.D. Lecturer WRTG 1150,WRTG 3020
Kurtis Hessel,MAGPTI WRTG 1150 ENVD 1B62-C-A
Gary Hink, Ph.D.Instructor WRTG 3020 ENVD 1B27-C
(303) 735-4776
Juhi Huda,MAGTPI WRTG 1150 ENVD 1B30-B
Jamal Khlifat, MA GPTI WRTG 1150

Jaime Kirtz, MA GPTI WRTG 1150,WRTG 3020
Eliza Klinger, MAInstructor WRTG 1100 TB01 2
(303) 492-5286
Ginger Knowlton, Ph.D.Senior Instructor WRTG 1150 TB01 2
(303) 492-5286
Elizabeth Koebele, MS GPTI WRTG 1150,WRTG 3020
Peter Kratzke, Ph.D.Senior Instructor STAD 266C
(303) 492-7282
Catherine Kunce, Ph.D.Senior Instructor TB01 RM 9
(303) 492-3821
Eileen Lagman, Ph.D.Assistant Professor WRTG 1150 ENVD 1B27-B
Catherine Lasswell, MEd, R.S.A. Dip.Instructor 3020 and 3020/3030/3040 GRDV C153
(303) 492-1298
Justin Latici,MFAInstructor TB01 RM 9
Joe Lennon, Ph.DLecturer WRTG 1100,WRTG 1150 GRDV C1B85
Daniel Levine, MFA Lecturer WRTG 1150, WRTG 3020
TB01 202
Daniel Long, MAInstructor WRTG 3030, WRTG 3040 ENVD 1B50H
(303) 735-4665
Margaret Luebs, Ph.D. Lecturer WRTG 1150
Timothy Lyons, MAInstructor WRTG 1150, WRTG 3020 STAD 260 B
(303) 492-2561
Christine Macdonald, Ph.D.Senior Instructor WRTG 3020,WRTG 1250 ENVD 1B62-A
(303) 735-5258
Sarah Massey–Warren, Ph.D.Instructor WRTG 3020,WRTG 3040 GRDV C1B85
(303) 492-6586
Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum, MFA Lecturer WRTG 1150
Raul Melgoza, MAGPTI WRTG 1150 ENVD 1B62-C-A
Olivia Miller, Ph.D.Instructor WRTG 1250 ENVD 1B78
(303) 735-4679
Young Kyung Min, Ph.DInstructor WRTG 1150 ,WRTG 1150 (ESL sections) ENVD 1B80
Marlene Miyamoto, MA, MBA GPTI WRTG 1150
Emily Morgan, MA Lecturer WRTG 1150,WRTG 3020
Seth Myers, Ph.D.Instructor WRTG 1250, WRTG 3035 ENVD 1B80
(303) 735-4772
Tobin von der Nuell, MAInstructor WRTG 1150,WRTG 3020 TB01 RM 2A
(303) 492-4396
Christopher Ostro, MA Lecturer WRTG 3020,WRTG 1250,WRTG 1150
Martha Patton, Ph.D. Lecturer WRTG 1150
Lonni Pearce, Ph.D.Senior Instructor WRTG 1150 ENVD 1B27-D
(303) 492-4478
Nathan Pieplow, MAInstructor WRTG 1150, WRTG 3035 ENVD 1B27-C
(303) 735-4776
Naomi Rachel, Ph.D.Lecturer WRTG 3020,WRTG 3030 1B30-B
Samira Rajabi, MAGPTI WRTG 1150 ENVD 1B62-C-A
Kerry Reilly, MFASenior Instructor WRTG 2020, WRTG 3007 GRDV C185
(303) 492-3515
Petger Schaberg, MASenior Instructor WRTG 1150,WRTG 3035 ENVD 1B30B
(303) 735-4673
Rachel Schmitt, BA GPTI WRTG 1150

(303) 492-8188
Maria Sclafani, MALecturer WRTG 1100,WRTG 3020 1B50-F
(303) 735-3058
Patricia Sullivan, Ph.D.Professor WRTG 1150,WRTG 3020 ENVD 1B27A
(303) 735-5055
Levente Szentkirályi, MA in Philosophy, MA in Political Science GPTI WRTG 1150 ENVD 1B62-C-C
James Walker, Ph.D.Instructor TB01 RM 202
(303) 492-3606
Tara Walker, MFALecturer WRTG 1150,WRTG 3020 ENVD 1B50-E
Paula Wenger, MASenior Instructor WRTG 3020,WRTG 3040 STAD 266 D
(303) TBD
Don Wilkerson, MASenior Instructor WRTG 3020, WRTG 3030 TB01 RM 202
(303) 492-3606
Michael Zizzi, Ph.D.Lecturer WRTG 1150, WRTG 3040 ENVD 1B50-G
(303) 735-4668