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CU-Boulder Center for Humanities and the Arts

The colloquium will be held in the Center for British and Irish Studies (5th floor of Norlin Library on the CU-Boulder campus) unless otherwise noted.


7:00pm (Muenzinger Auditorium) International Film Series, sponsored by Conference on World Affairs Athenaeum, "Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport." This Academy Award-winning documentary chronicles one of the lesser-known stories of the Holocaust: that of the kindertransport, which saved the lives of 10,000 Jewish children who were sent by desperate parents to England to seek refuge from Nazi oppression. Introduction and Q&A with director Mark J. Harris.



Opening of the Colloquium: Michael E. Zimmerman, Director, CHA
Welcome: Susan Avery, Dean of the Graduate School and Vice Chancellor for Research


Panel 1: Negotiating Global Acquisitions
Chair: Carla Jones (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Donna Goldstein (University of Colorado at Boulder), The Negotiation of Sacred Goods: Pharmaceutical Politics in Late Capitalist Latin America
Aihwa Ong (University of California at Berkeley), Win-Win in Global Philanthropy?


Panel 2: Literary Transvaluations
Chair: Jeffrey N. Cox (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Mary Beth Rose (University of Illinois at Chicago), "Increasing store with loss and loss with store": The Economics of Suicide in Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra
Peter Hutchings (University of Colorado at Boulder), Fides Quaerens Intellectum: Lamartine and the Poetics of Transformation
Jill Heydt-Stevenson (University of Colorado at Boulder), Radiant Profits and Miserable Losses: Diamonds and Statues in Romantic Literature


Panel 3: Neither Gain nor Loss, Only the Trying
Chair: Polly McLean (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Cecilia Pang (University of Colorado at Boulder) What Price Passion: Art and Motherhood
Micheline Van Riemsdijk (University of Colorado at Boulder), Profiting from Loss: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of International Nurse Migration


Panel 4: Balancing Trade and Forgiving Debt: Forging the National Economy
Chair: Katherine Eggert (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Thomas LeCarner (University of Colorado at Boulder), The Humanization of a Nation: Forgiveness and Charity in the Literature and Law of 19th Century America
Valerie Forman (University of Colorado at Boulder), Renegades, Tunisian Pirates, and the Development of Balance of Trade Theory in Early Modern England


First Keynote Address: Bill Brown (University of Chicago), Commodity Nationalism and the Lost Object
Introduction: Nan Goodman (University of Colorado at Boulder)



Panel 5: Philosophical Prospects
Chair: Claudia Mills (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Audra King (University of Colorado at Boulder), Something Old, Nothing New: A Gendered Analysis of the Millennium Development Goals
Maria Talero (University of Colorado at Denver), Exploring Groundlessness and Loss: Sartre, Heidegger and the Human Condition


Second Keynote Address: Harry Berger, Jr. (University of California at Santa Cruz), Discursive Profit and Loss in Shakespeare's Language-Games
Introduction: Katherine Eggert (University of Colorado at Boulder)


Panel 6: The Human Costs of Anti-Semitism
Chair: Ruth Mas (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Mark J. Harris (University of Southern California), Breaking the Cycle
Paul Shankman (University of Colorado at Boulder), Discussion with Mark Harris