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Fellowship and Grant Information for Arts and Humanities Faculty and Graduate Students

As part of its mission to promote humanistic scholarship and artistic creation at CU-Boulder, the Center for Humanities and the Arts (CHA) is launching this web page, which contains information about and links to fellowships and grants that help make possible excellent scholarship, creativity, and performance. Humanities and arts faculty, as well as graduate students, often lack the extended periods of free time needed for their research and creative work. Fortunately, there are a number of major fellowships and grants that provide funding needed for release time for a semester or more. Two CU agencies, grants provide such release time: the Council for Research and Creative Work (CRCW) and CHA. See information in Internal Grants for CU faculty. Many more fellowships and grants are available from external funding agencies.

Obtaining a fellowship or grant has many benefits in addition to providing release time for research and creative work. For one thing, winning a fellowship is an endorsement of the worth of one’s scholarly and/or artistic endeavors. For another, winning a fellowship brings recognition to one’s department and university.

In regard to applying for grants, the arts and humanities differ considerably from the natural sciences and engineering. In the latter fields, graduate students and faculty members are expected to apply for grants, which are necessary to fund their research. Many natural science and engineering graduate students, for instance, are funded by federal and corporate research grants. So taken for granted is funded research to natural science and engineering faculty that they are puzzled by the concept of “unfunded research,” even though much humanistic research and artistic creation occurs without external funding. The CHA Fellowship and Grant Information Website intends to encourage humanists and artists to apply for fellowships and grants more frequently, by providing ease of access to many different fellowship opportunities, and by offering some coaching tips about effective grant writing.

For graduate students, we offer a page of information about and links to major dissertation fellowships and post docs.

We encourage all interested parties to inform us about fellowships and grants that we have not listed on this site, or to correct errors on the site.

In addition to information about external fellowships and grants, this site provides information about and links to CU-System and CU-Boulder sites aimed at supporting research and creative work, conferences and special events, and visiting speakers and artists. Our thanks to Katherine Eggert (English) who did such an excellent job of identifying these granting agencies.

Currently, this site does not include links to external granting agencies that focus exclusively on joint projects in the humanities and the arts. Developing such a page is possible, but this will depend on whether CU Boulder faculty members would like to have access to such a site.