Seminar Topic for 1998-99: "Beauty and Its Discontents"

Seminar participants

Mark Andrejevic -- PhD candidate, Journalism
Kathleen Chapman -- Instructor, Comparative Literature and Humanities
John Fisher -- Professor, Philosophy
Vernon Minor -- Professor, Fine Arts
Janice Peck -- Professor, Journalism
Christian Reyns -- PhD candidate, French & Italian, East Asian Languages
Stephen Snyder -- Professor, East Asian Languages
Daniel Sturgis -- PhD candidate, Philosophy
Randy Wall -- PhD candidate, French & Italian

Colloquium, March 4-5, 1999

Thursday, March 4

1:30 Opening of the Colloquium: Jeffrey Cox, Director, Center for Humanities and the Arts
Welcome: Carol Lynch, Dean, Graduate School, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research

2:00 Panel 1: Speculations on Television, Popular Taste and Cultural Distinctions
Chair: Erika Doss (Fine Arts, CU-Boulder)
Elizabeth Bird (University of Southern Florida)
"Cultural Studies and Taste: Ethnography and TV Fan Culture"
Janice Peck (Journalism, CU-Boulder)
"Oprah Reads it all for You: Oprah's Book Club and the Mythic Significance of the Reading Public"

3:00 Break

3:30 Panel 2: Aesthetic Theory, Nature, and the Everyday
Chair: Jill Heydt-Stevenson (English, Comprative Literature and Humanities, CU-Boulder)
Daniel Sturgis (Philosophy, CU-Boulder)
"Attending Disinterestedly"
John A. Fisher (Philosophy, CU-Boulder)
"Some Puzzles about Nature, Literature and Art"
Xiaobing Tang (University of Chicago)
"Art and Everyday Life in Contemporary China"

5:00 Keynote Address: Martin Jay (University of California, Berkeley)
"Drifting into Dangerous Waters: The Separation of Aesthetic Experience from the Art Object"

Friday, March 5

9:00 Albert Chong (Fine Arts, CU-Boulder)
"Quest for the Divine: Intuition, Invention, Fabrication, the Intersection of Art & Culture"

10:00 Break

10:30 Keynote Address: J. Paul Hunter (University of Chicago)
"Sleeping Beauties: Are Historical Aesthetics Worth Recovering?"

Lunch on your own

1:00 Panel 3: Ethnicity, Race, and Beauty in Film Aesthetics
Chair: Stephen Snyder (East Asian, CU-Boulder)
Cris Reyns-Chikama (French, East Asian, CU-Boulder)
"Para-EAsthetics: Between Texts, Images, and Flesh"
Lewis Gordon (Brown University)
"Race, Beauty, and the Power of Comedy: A Look at Black and Jewish Iconography in American Cinema"

2:00 Break

2:15 Panel 4: Bodies, Beautiful, Diseased, and Grotesque
Chair: Merrill Lessley (Arts & Sciences, CU-Boulder)
Kathleen Chapman (Comparative Literature & Humanities, CU-Boulder)
"Asiatic Tendencies: The Aesthetics of Race and Desire in Images of Dionysus from Simeon Solomon to Walter Pater"
Randy Wall (French, CU-Boulder)
"Travasties and Transgressions: Towards an Aesthetics of the Grotesque in Aloysius Bertrand's 'Gaspard de la Nuit' "
Therese Jones (Health Science Center, CU-Denver)
"I just don't see myself: The Ongoing Problems of Representing Aids"

3:45 Break

4:15 Panel 5: Aesthetics and the Polis
Chair: Christopher Braider (French & Italian, CU-Boulder)
Vernon Minor (Fine Arts, CU-Boulder)
"Arcadian Power: the Politics of Taste in Eighteenth-Century Rome"
Mark Andrejevic (Journalism, CU-Boulder)
"The Judgement of Decency: Aesthetic Autonomy and the First Amendment"

5:30 Keynote Address: Anna Chave (CUNY Graduate School)
"Eva Hesse, Beauty, and Biography"