Seminar Topic for 2004-05: "Evidence and Its Ghosts"

"Evidence and Its Ghosts" Colloquium
March 3-4, 2005
All events are free and open to the public, and will be held in the Center for British and Irish Studies (5th floor of Norlin Library)
University of Colorado at Boulder


9:00 Opening of the Colloquium: Christopher Braider, Acting Director, CHA
Welcome: Susan Avery, Dean of the Graduate School and Vice Chancellor for Research

9:15 Panel 1: On What Counts as Evidence, and What Does Not
Chair: Jeffrey Cox (CU-Boulder)
Theresa Weynand (CU-Boulder), "Toward an Epistemology of  Mysticism: Knowing God as Mystery"
Kathryn Pieplow (CU-Boulder), "Native American Common Law: Custom and Evidence"
Ellen Wolfson (CU-Boulder), "Seeing the God: Theatre as Evidence"

10:30  break

10:45 Panel 2: Forms of Evidence, Forms of Law
Chair: Lee Chambers (CU-Boulder)
Terry Kleeman (CU-Boulder), "Ghosts as Evidence: The Supernatural Machinations of Chinese Jurisprudence"
Marianne (Mimi) Wesson (CU-Boulder), with Dennis Van Gerven (CU-Boulder), "Photographs as Evidence in a 19th-Century Lawsuit"

12:00 Lunch on your own

1:00 Panel 3: Evidence in Literature: Photography, Memory, Duration
Chair: Merrill Lessley (CU-Boulder)
Philip Joseph (CU-Denver), "Talking Across Time: Literature and the Value of Duration"
Karen Jacobs (CU-Boulder), "Tracing Photographic Evidence in Nabokov’s Speak, Memory and Sebald’s The Emigrants"

2:30 break

2:45 Panel 4: Medical Dramas: Stories and Illness Experience
Chair: Richard Martinez (CU-Health Sciences Center)
Michael Grodesky (U of Washington Medical Center), "The Problem of Adherence: An Ethnographic Study of Symbolic Influences in HIV  Treatment"
Julie Swaney (CU-Health Sciences Center), "The Gods Must Be Crazy: Faith and the Conviction of Things Not Seen"
Arthur Frank (U of Calgary), "What Kind of Evidence Is a Story?"

4:45 break

5:00 First Keynote Address: Dudley Andrew (Yale U), "Surrealist Historiography and the Hauntology of the Photographic Image"
Introduction: Ernesto Acevedo-Muñoz (CU-Boulder)



9:00 Panel 5: Evidence, Science, and the Cosmology of Skepticism
Chair: Lynn Ross-Bryant (CU-Boulder)
David Boyd (U of Colorado at Boulder), "Religion, Faith, and Evolutionary Science"
Allan Franklin (U of Colorado at Boulder), "Bad Data"
Daniel Selcer (Duquesne U), "Evidence and Citation in the Late 17th Century: Bayle and the Corrosive Power of Philosophy"

10:45 break

11:00 Second Keynote Address: Mary Poovey (New York U), "Jane Austen and the Spectral Event"
Introduction: Karen Jacobs (CU-Boulder)

12:30 Lunch on your own

2:00 Panel 6: Evidence, Race, and Queer Studies
Chair: Elizabeth D. Ermarth, Cox Family Visiting Scholar (U of Colorado at  Boulder)
Geoffrey Bateman (CU-Boulder), "Ghost Towns and the Queer  Frontier: Apparitional Evidence of Same-Sex Sexuality in the American West"
Emma Pérez (CU-Boulder), "Queer Theory and the Ghost of  Race"
Elizabeth Abel (U of California at Berkeley), "Anxieties of Evidence:  America’s Vanished Racial Signs"

3:45 break

4:00 Third Keynote Address: David Wilson (Museum of Jurassic Technology, Los Angeles), "No One May Ever Have the Same Knowledge Again"
Introduction: Deborah Haynes (CU-Boulder)