Seminar Topic for 2002-03: "Bodies, Voices, Performance"

March 6-8, 2003
A Colloquium Sponsored by the Center for Humanities and the Arts

Thursday, March 6, British Studies

1:00 Opening of the Colloquium: Jeffrey N. Cox, Director, CHA
Welcome: Carol Lynch, Dean of the Graduate School and Vice-Chancellor for Research

1:15 Panel 1: I Sing the Body Medieval: Two Cultural Perspectives
Chair: Kenneth Johnston (Indiana U)
Charlotte Eubanks (CU-Boulder), "Rendering the Body Buddhist: Preaching in Medieval Japan"
Bruce Holsinger (CU-Boulder), "The Singing Bull: Liturgy, Performance and the History of the Book"

2:45 Break

3:00 Panel 2: Performing Age and Gender
Chair: Jill Heydt-Stevenson(CU-Boulder)
Kathleen Woodward (U of Washington), "Performing Age"
Bud Coleman (CU-Boulder), "Rae Bourbon-Don't Call Me Madam!"

4:30 Break

5:00 First Keynote Address: Peter Holland (Notre Dame), "Body, Voice, and the Institutionalization of Shakespearean Performance"
Introduction: Richard Devin (CU-Boulder; Colorado Shakespeare Festival)


Friday, March 7, British Studies

9:00 Panel 3: Giving Voice to Historical Bodies, Past Performances
Chair: Charlotte Sussman (CU-Boulder)
John O'Brien (U of Virginia), "Infamous Harlequin Mimicry: Pantomime, Entertainment, and the Mass Audience of 1730s London"
Bradford K. Mudge (CU-Denver), "Passionate Bodies, Public Spaces: Romanticism, Monumentality, and Satire"

10:15 Break

10:30 Panel 4: Bodily Extremities
Chair: Graham Oddie (CU-Boulder)
Paul Youngquist (Pennsylvania State U), "Imperial Legs"
Elizabeth Anderman (CU-Boulder), "Reading the Rigid: Hysterical Bodies, Male Eyes, and Female Poses"

Lunch Break

2:00 Panel 5: Theorizing Cultural Performances
Chair: Janet Jacobs (CU-Boulder)
Faye Yuan Kleeman (CU-Boulder), "Imitating Perfection, Rehearsing Spontaneity: Body, Discipline, and Cultural Performance in Japan"
Andrew Cowell (CU-Boulder), "Performance-Based Approaches in Ethnopoetics: Ideologies of Reception"

3:30 Break

4:00 Second Keynote Address: Peggy Phelan (Stanford University), "Death in America: Thoughts on Performance and the Ral, Once More"
Introduction: Christopher Braider (CU-Boulder)

Reception (Heritage Center, 3rd floor of Old Main)

7:00 Performance (Old Main Chapel):

"The Prairie Dog Mothers" by Michelle Spencer and Michael Theodore

"Ripped-Up Maps" by Andrew May

"Jaroslaw Kapuscinski Presents New Works" by Jaroslaw Kapuscinski
"Catch the Tiger," "Yours," and "The point is.."

Saturday, March 8, British Studies

9:00 Panel 6: Performing Then and Now
Chair: Laura Tesman (CU-Boulder)
Charlotte Canning (U of Texas at Austin), "Good Merchandise: Race and Gender on the Circuit Chautauqua"
Susanna Morrow (CU-Boulder), "Four Performances"

Throughout the Colloquium, Ms. Morrow will be presenting four works:
"Excerpts from my Diary, 6 March 1993": "Child-Mother: Early
Memories of Mom": "Untitled": and "Sort This"

10:15 Break

10:30 Third Keynote Address: Herbert Blau (U of Washington), "Virtually Yours: Presence, Liveness, Lessness"
Introduction: Oliver Gerland (CU-Boulder)

This colloquium is supported by a grant from the President's Fund for the Humanities.