Seminar Topic for 2001-02: "Cultural Memory and Sites of Tradition"

March 7-9, 2002
A Colloquium Sponsored by the Center for Humanities and theArts

Thursday, March 7, British Studies

1:00 Opening of the Colloquium: Jeffrey N. Cox, Director, CHA
Welcome Rodney Taylor, Interim Dean of the Graduate School

1:15 Panel 1: Remembering and Forgetting in the American Landscape
Chair: Deborah Haynes (CU-Boulder)
Erika Doss (CU-Boulder), "Memorial Mania: Public Monuments, Cultural Nationalism, and Historical Amnesia in Contemporary America"
Robert Gardner (CU-Boulder), "Mixed Memories: The Storied Pasts and Present Stories of Bluegrass Music"

2:45 Break

3:00 Panel 2: Japanese Tradition at Home and Abroad
Chair: Marcia Yonemoto (CU-Boulder)
Chris McMorran (CU-Boulder), " 'Steeped' in Tradition: Bathing in Japan's 'Traditional' Hot Springs"
Lynn Sokei (CU-Boulder), "Japanese Gardens: Tending Memory in American Landscapes"

4:30 Break

5:00 First Keynote Address (Humanities 150): Trinh Minh-ha, Presentation
of her latest film, "The Fourth Dimension"
Introduction: Lucien Taylor (CU-Boulder)


Friday, March 8, British Studies

9:00 Panel 3: Cross-Cultural Traditions in the Renaissance
Chair: Rebecca Laroche (CU-Colorado Springs)
Katherine Eggert (CU-Boulder), "Kabbalah's End: Forgetting Jewish Learning in Marlowe's Faustus and Shakespeare's Tempest"
Pompa Banerjee (CU-Denver), "Burning Women: Crossings in the Renaissance"

10:15 Break

10:30 Panel 4: Historical Institutions and Cultural Memory
Chair: Susan Kent (CU-Boulder)
Martha Vail (Chautauqua), "Common Culture: The Chautauqua Movement"
Kerwin Klein (U of California at Berkeley), "What Was Historiography?"


1:00 Second Keynote Speaker Address: Sabine MacCormack (University
of Michigan), "Human and Divine Love in a Pastoral Setting: the Histories of Copacabana on Lake Titicaca"
Introduction: Peter Knox (CU-Boulder)

2:30 Break

2:45 Panel 5: Bodily Movement
Chair: Richard Martinez (CU-Health Sciences Center)
Lesley Sharp (Barnard College), "Bodies, Metaphors, and Donor Memorials: (Re)claiming the Dead in the Organ Transplant Arena"
Janet Jacobs (CU-Boulder), "Gender, Place, and Memory: The Jewish Body and the Feminization of the Holocaust"

4:00 Break

4:30 Panel 6: (Imig. Music, Room N1B95): Musical Memories and Memorialization
Chair: Daniel Sher (Bowling Green State U), "Quijotismo and the National Memory: A Musical Realization of Cervantes's Don Quijote in Pre-Civil War Spain"
Steven Bruns (CU-Boulder), "The Evidence of Things Not Seen: Whitman's 'Lilacs' and Crumb's 'Apparition' "
Performers: Julie Simson, mezzo-soprano, and Terese Stewart, piano

6:00 Reception (Imig. Music, Room C113)

7:00 Sweet Soul Music (Grusin Hall): A Lecture-Performance on the Traditions of Rhythm and Blues and Soul Music, presented by Ron Paris and Friends
Introduction: Keith Waters (CU-Boulder)