Seminar Topic for 2000-01: "Persistence of Exile"

Lecture Series

We are interested in exploring "Exile" from as many perspectives and disciplines as possible. We want to think about exile in all time periods and in all cultures. We will explore how exile persists in differing times and through memory. We want to consider the reality of exile and its presence in artistic creations, exile as physical dislocation and exile as a psychological experience. We will be thinking about issues such as emigration and internal alienation, expatriation and self-banishment, diasporas and homelands.

Invited Speakers:

  • Rey Chow: "The Secrets of Ethnic Abjection"
  • Adrian Del Caro: "Dwelling in Exile: The Case of Germany's Non-Germans"
  • Barbara Harlow: "Opposition in Exile: Ruth First and the Struggle Against Apartheid"
  • Marie Holzman & Wang Dan: "Chinese Dissidents in Europe and the U.S."
  • Maria Rosa Menocal: "The Virtues of Exile"
  • Larry Silver: "Diaspora, Nostalgia, and the Universal: Conditions of the Modern Jewish Artist"
  • Katie Trumpener: "The Children's Odyssey: Exiles, Nurses, and the Fantasy of Return"
  • Slavoj Zizek: "The Joint Out of Time--The Temporality of the Trauma in Psychoanalysis"

CU Speakers:

  • Jeanne Christensen, History
  • Lisa Costanzo, Education
  • Roslyn Dauber, Journalism
  • Steven Epstein, History
  • Martha Gimenez, Sociology
  • Brian King, Geography
  • James Schechter, Anthropology
  • John Stevenson, English
  • Lucien Taylor, Anthropology
  • James Walker, Comparative Literature
  • Marcia Yonemoto, History