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The Aviator by Kasimir Malevich
The Aviator
by Kasimir Malevich

Required Course CEES 1000 - Introduction to Central and East European Studies: Examines major themes in the history of Russia and East-Central Europe since the early modern era, introduces the literature and arts of the region, and presents current political, economic, and social issues. Same as HIST 1002. Approved for Arts and Sciences core curriculum: historical context.

Other Courses in Central and East European Studies: The following is a list of existing courses offered in the last three years which are expected to be offered regularly. Students interested in counting other courses toward the certificate should consult the Program Director. Please be sure to consult with the Director, or with other faculty members of the Program's Steering Committee, before beginning your last semester at CU to be sure you will be able to complete requirements.


HIST 3010 Communist Societies
HIST 3713 Seminar in Russian History
HIST 4413 German History to 1849
HIST 4423 German History since 1849
HIST 4433 Nazi Germany
HIST 4613 History of Eastern Europe to 1914
HIST 4623 History of Eastern Europe since 1914
HIST 4643 History of Poland Since the 16th c.
HIST 4713 History of Russia Through the 17th c.
HIST 4723 Imperial Russia
HIST 4733 Russian Revolution and Soviet Regime
Social Science
GEOG 4742 Environments and Peoples: Eastern Europe in Transition
GEOG 4882 Russian Commonwealth
PSCI 4062 Emerging Democracies of Central and East Europe
PSCI 3143 International Relations
PSCI 4012 Global Development
PSCI 4213 Europe in the International System
PSCI 4703 Alternative World Futures
ANTH 4580 The Holocaust
ECON 3403 International Economics for non- majors
ECON 4514 Economic History of Europe
JOUR 4201 International Mass Communication
FILM 3211 History of Russian Cinema
GRMN 1601 Introduction to Modern German Culture and Civilization
GRMN 2502 Representing the Holocaust
GRMN 3110 German Literature from 1910 to the present
GRMN 3120 Modern German Literature from 1750 to 1910
GRMN 3140 Current Issues in German Literature
GRMN 3501 German-Jewish Writers
GRMN 3502 Literature in the Age of Goethe
GRMN 3505 The Enlightenment
HEBR 2350 Introduction to Jewish Culture
RUSS 1601 Russian Culture Past and Present
RUSS 2211 Introduction to Russian Culture
RUSS 2221 Intro. to Modern Russian Culture
RUSS 2231 Fairy Tales of Russia
RUSS 3301 Contemporary Issues in Russian Film
RUSS 3502 Ideals and Values in Modern Russia
RUSS 4421 Gogol
RUSS 4431 Dostoevsky
RUSS 4441 Tolstoy
RUSS 4451 Chekhov
RUSS 4811 19th Century Russian Literature
RUSS 4821 20th Century Russian Literature
RUSS 4831 Contemporary Russian Literature