Faculty Recruitment and Retention
Task Force Report - May 31, 2001

1. Introduction and Background

The Task Force met on 8 February 2001 and received the charge from Provost Phil DiStefano to develop a set of recommendations by the end of the semester that will assist the Chancellor, Provost, and Deans in recruiting and retaining a high quality, diverse faculty. The task force was asked to look at resource issues (such as salaries, startup packages, and research space), climate issues (such as mentoring and workload), and administrative issues (such as retention strategies and salary procedures). The task force was formed to address concerns that salaries and other resources at CU-Boulder lag those of competing institutions, leading to difficulties in recruiting and retaining top faculty.

Members of the task force gathered information which includes prior reports, interviews of deans, chairs and faculty, and data on salaries, benefits, and startup packages. Summaries of this information are provided in the Appendices, as listed in the Table of Contents. The committee met three additional times during the Spring 2001 semester to discuss the findings and recommendations.

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Last modified: April 8, 2005