Puksta Staff

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Justina Boyd

E-mail: Justina.Boyd@Colorado.edu
Phone: 303-492-7194
Center for Multicultural Affairs
Coordinator, Center for Multicultural Affairs

Education (degrees earned): Bachelor of Science, College of Business Administration, and Master of Arts, College of Education; both at The University of Arizona

Experience: A total of almost five years at UC-Boulder in the area of student development; three years with the Athletic Department, and almost two years in current position.  Prior to CU, served as a program administrator in a variety of areas both at San Diego State University and The University of Arizona .

Jennifer Korbelik

E-mail: Jennifer.Korbelik@Colorado.EDU
Phone: 303-441-4142

Jennifer Korbelik is the Community Coordinator for the city of Boulder. She has worked in this position since December, 2003. Prior to serving as the community Coordinator, Jennifer worked as the University Liaison between the city of Boulder and CU. As University Liaison, Jennifer developed and implemented programs to support the relationship between the city and CU in order to improve quality of life off-campus.

Jennifer has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Sociology from CU and a Master's degree in Social Work with a concentration in community and organizational social work from Denver University .

In her role as coordinator, Jennifer is responsible for planning, implementing and supporting, city-sponsored community coalitions that focus on addressing issues in the community; serve as a resource on commmunity issues where liaison services are needed; develop partnerships and perform outreach to neighborhoods impacted by quality of life violations and identify and supervise implementation of community service projects.

Peter Simons

E-mail: Peter.Simons@Colorado.EDU
Phone: 303-492-1962

Education: B.A. Psychology, Masters - Public Administration, Masters - Liberal Studies, Elementary Education Teacher Certification

Experience: Child and Youth Development, Human Services and Education, Direct Service, Administration, Program and Policy Development, Fundraising/Grant Writing, Public and Private Non-Profit Sectors

Currently, Director of the Institute for Ethical and Civic Engagement at

Jennifer Cole

E-mail: Jennifer.Cole@Colorado.EDU
Phone: 303-735-2232

Administrative Asst. to Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education
Division of Academic Affairs

Education: B.A., Psychology, Denver Metropolitan State College

Experience: Counselor of incarcerated teens at Lookout Mountain School and Mount View Detention Center. Also, worked with physically and sexually abused orphans between 4 and 8 years old. Crisis, drug, group, family and suicide counseling in non-profit. Executive Administrative Assistant to Founder and Principal of an architectural firm, Zmistowski Design Group LLC. Mother of two daughters, Alexia and Sophi.

Elvira Ramos

E-mail: Elvira@commfound.org
Phone: 303-442-0436

The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County

Elvira, Director of Programs for the Community Foundation Serving Boulder County, brings to the Community Foundation more than 20 years experience in non-profit management, planning, development, grant making, and community relations. Elvira has volunteered for or been on the board of numerous organizations, including the Directors of Volunteers in Agencies, the Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council, the Adult Learning Source, SCFD, the Minoru Yasui Community Volunteer Award Committee, the US/Mexico Border Philanthropy Partnership, and serves on the Komen for the Cure National Multicultural Advisory Council. She is an experienced trainer and facilitator and has led workshops in board and leadership development, diversity and cultural competency, volunteer management, and strategic planning.