New Puksta Scholars Selected at CU-Boulder For Civic Engagement

May 3, 2005

The Puksta Scholars Program at the University of Colorado at Boulder has selected eight new students to receive a scholarship on the basis of their civic responsibility, high ethical standards and strong academic goals.

Adam Gibbons, Courtni Frank, Regan Walton, Kovi Bessoff, Evan Thomas, Caitlin Merrell, Michelle Stavros and Victoria Van Antwerp each will receive a $4,500 scholarship in recognition of their commitment to civic engagement.  The recipients join nine scholars already involved in the program. Puksta Scholars are required to be actively involved in an intensive, yearlong civic project that will serve the community.

Some of the 2004-05 projects included:

  • Improving health care for Latino immigrants and addressing the quality and availability of language and translation services.
  • Mentoring and providing education assistance for at-risk youth,
    including creative arts workshops focusing on equity and diversity.
  • Analyzing the impact of domestic violence as it relates to
    emergency, transitional and affordable housing.

The Puksta Scholars Program is funded by the Puksta Educational Foundation of Denver.  It was established by the late Harry and Eva Puksta and the University of Colorado Parent Fund. CU-Boulder is one of two universities that benefit from the fund, in addition to the University of Denver.

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