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Mathematics (ALEKS) Assessment / Placement Test

Mathematics is fundamental to success in a broad array of introductory university courses. The ALEKS assessment helps to determine students' preparedness for courses at the University of Colorado Boulder that rely on a mathematics background and will maximize students' chance of having a successful course experience.

If you are a student starting at CU Boulder and you think you will enroll in a math, science, social science or business course your first semester, you will need to take the ALEKS placement assessment. It is highly recommended that you complete the ALEKS assessment prior to attending your student orientation session so you may be registered in appropriate courses.

In addition, it is a prerequisite for any student to have a minimum ALEKS assessment score in order to enroll in most math-focused courses up through Calculus 1 (APPM 1235, APPM 1340, APPM 1350, MATH 1071, MATH 1081, MATH 1150, MATH 1300, MATH 1310), Physics (Calculus-based) (PHYS 1110), Math Tools for Economics (ECON 1078, ECON 1088), and Business Statistics (BCOR 1020). Any student who wishes to enroll in any of these listed courses will need to take the ALEKS assessment and have earned a score that meets the minimum requirements for that specific course.

The entire ALEKS process is structured to maximize your probability of success in the math-dependent courses for which this assessment is required. It is not in your interest to enroll in a course for which you are underprepared because it increases the probability of an unsatisfactory experience in that course. An unsatisfactory course outcome can negatively impact your overall college experience. On the other hand, it is in your best interest to enroll in the highest-level course for which you are appropriately prepared. The ALEKS instrument is an unbiased, well-validated method to help get you into the appropriate courses, if used properly, so follow the rules and best wishes!

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