Working Together – A State of Colorado Employee Resource

Provides financial grants up to $500, subject to available funds and individual circumstance, to allow state employees and retirees time to manage emergency needs during a crisis. Unforeseen emergencies arise from medical conditions, crime, fire, death, unexpected addition of a dependent to the household, and other difficult circumstances. Assistance is used for housing, utilities, medical expenses, food, clothing and other basic needs.

To be eligible, an applicant must be an active state employee in any branch of state government with at least six months of permanent state service or retired from Colorado state government. In addition to eligibility and the application, need or hardship, use of the funds if the application is granted, and the availability of funds at the time of request are considered.

Please call 303-831-8645 for more information. Please leave a message for someone to call you back within 24 hours. To apply for a financial grant, please click on the following link, Working Together Application.

To visit the Working Together web site, please click on the following link,

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